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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » Sputnik One - Love From Above [WSDM019]

Download Sputnik One - Love From Above [WSDM019] mp3

Style Bass music / Footwork
Release 3-09-2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3
Imprint Wisdom Teeth
Nr# WSDM019

Review: The Wisdom Teeth A&R squad are always keen to bring together the most forward thinking sounds, with this new four tracker from Sputnik One being a homage to that ideal. We begin with the acidic flutters and delicate drum processing of 'Microbead' which pushes forward with some siren-like synth pulses and a generally eerie vibe, before the percussive perfection of 'Love From Above' gives us an emotive and completely unique harmonic design. From here we then stray into the realms of footwork as the high energy drum tickles and subtle vocal slices of 'Michael Cera' give us a whole new direction, before rounding off tidyly on the again percussion-lead melodies of 'Powder', putting the finishing touches on a top quality body of work.

Sputnik One — Microbead 5:59
Sputnik One — Love from Above 4:40
Sputnik One — Michael Cera 4:50
Sputnik One — Powder 6:10

Listen Online.

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