Download Bolam - Thunderclap [BRKN012]

Bolam - Thunderclap [BRKN012]

Style Breakbeat / UK Bass / Jungle
Release 3.09.2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3
Imprint Breaks 'N' Pieces
Nr# BRKN012

Review: Next up on Breaks 'N' Pieces, we are back with another killer four track display, this time welcoming the futuristic yet industrial tastes of Bolam inside to deliver an array of outstanding originals. We begin with 'Thunderclap', a monstrous combination of creeping bitcrushed sub-lines and murky percussive stutters, giving the track a haunted vibe right from the off. Next, The jungle influences become a lot more apparent as 'Hype Shifter' delivers more belting 808 bass pulses, this time in combination with skippy breaksy sampling, followed by the aquatic synthy drifts of 'Indecipherable' for a bit of a switch in pace. Finally, the legend that is Al Wootton arrives to give his unique twist on 'Hype Shifter', morphing the track into a swampy speed-garage fusion, finding a truly unique sonic pocket to play with. Lovely stuff!

Bolam — Thunderclap 7:13
Bolam — Hype Shifter 5:41
Bolam — Indescipherable 6:42
Bolam — Hype Shifter (Al Wootton Remix) 4:10

Shetlands raised, Malmö based producer Bolam has been building quite the reputation for himself with his exciting blend of future-facing UK techno, breakbeat, jungle and electro. Following a release on London’s Control Freak Recordings, Cheeky Music Group welcomes the emerging artist to the roster with the Thunderclap EP.

The title track is a left-field leaning blend of experimental electronics, pace-building techno and large breaks, all tied together under an umbrella of hair-raising atmospherics designed to excite and alarm. ‘Hype Shifter’ makes playful use of grimey textures and tones as this subby cut of breakbeat ventures deep into the underground with elements of Baltimore club.

‘Indecipherable’ is self-descriptive; a mutated electro cut that lends from a large pool of sub-genre to create something totally unique. Wait for the vocals after the halfway point, here Bolam has crafted one of the most exciting crossover tracks of the year.
Closing out the EP is TRULE bossman and man of the hour Al Wooton. The artist formerly known as Deadboy turns in a typically bassy, stripped back breaks remix of ‘Hype Shifter’ - one that should be going straight in any UK sound heads cart.

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