Download VA - Grooverider Presents The Prototype Years

VA - Grooverider Presents The Prototype Years

Style: Drum 'N Bass
Quality: FLAC x MP3
Released: 1997
Label: Prototype Recordings
Cat: 487219 9

01. Codename John Feat. Grooverider - Dreams Of Heaven.flac
02. John B - Secrets.flac
03. Optical - Grey Odyssey.flac
04. Matrix - Mute.flac
05. Codename John Feat. Grooverider - Deep Insider.flac
06. Dillinja - Silver Blade.flac
07. Ed Rush & Fierce - Locust.flac
08. Codename John Feat. Grooverider - Warned.flac
09. Boymerang - Still.flac
10. Lemon D - City Lights.flac

01. Optical – Grey Odyssey
02. Ed Rush – Subway
03. Matrix – Mute
04. Lemon D – Going Gets Tuff
05. John B – Secrets
06. Dillinja – Silver Blade
07. Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Dreams Of Heaven
08. Boymerang – Still
09. Cybotron Feat. Dillinja – Threshold
10. Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Deep Inside
11. Ed Rush & Fierce – Locust
12. Lemon D – City Lights
13. Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Warned
14. Boymerang – Still V.I.P. Mix

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History of the Prototype years compilation with commentary by Groewrider!
Grooverider: “The point of this deal is that Sony has a huge opportunity to spread music to countries and continents where people have never heard of drum and bass. I've always dreamed of signing to a big label, getting involved in the work and this is a great chance to share music with the world. Of course, initially I was suspicious of them: “Now am I going to drive pop music?” But no, there was no pressure - there was only great respect from them.

John B. Secrets
John mixed a lot of good sounds: both old Detroit techno and good Chicago house. John is a newbie, he's a student who's been listening to drum and bass for about two years now, and now he sends a cassette of demos that had Secrets on it, cut off at the third minute or so. I call him and say: “Wow, where is the rest of the track?”. Sent in an 8-minute version, which came up just at the time when the concept of the collection was just beginning to emerge. I think Secrets will represent John very well in the drum and bass scene - he's definitely someone to watch musically.

Ed Rush & Fierce - Locust
Ed's collaboration is another opportunity to introduce Fiers to the arena. Undoubtedly, Locust is one of the coolest themes on the collection and very soon it will be released separately on vinyl. I've been chasing her in clubs with a dubplate for five months now and everywhere she is received with a bang. In addition, Locust is the absolute embodiment of the genius of Ed Rush, this is the quintessence of his sound. Very often this sound is associated with me, or rather, with one of my sides :-)

This is Dillingha and that says it all. Just listen and you will understand everything yourself: both about the sound and why I took this one on Prototype. Dillingha has been underestimated for a long time, but now is the time to show his talent. Dillingha is the father; no one has the right to teach him; no Goldie, no one. Dillinga has been on this scene longer than anyone else. Dillingha is young and, apparently, therefore, has not yet revealed his potential. I know that he is almost always dissatisfied with his tracks. Can you imagine what will happen when he gives 100 percent? It seems to me that he still does not realize how talented he is.

Lemon D.
Lemon and Dillinga are like two sides of the same coin. Do you know why? They live opposite each other! Lemon turned out an unusual track - initially there weren’t even breaks - there was a drum machine. It reminded me of the Rage parties in the early nineties. Very progressive track and very in the spirit of "Prototype". City lights is very different from the concept of the collection and for fans of drum and bass it will sound unusual. But the more we start a variety of music, the longer drum and bass will live. You can not drive only proven hits - it will quickly become boring.

Codename John—Warned
Who is John? I! I had a track called Warning that came out on Metalheadz and I took one piece of it and reworked it and made a little exclusive thing. Something so personal and that will only be on my turntables.

Mute is a really awesome theme bro. An excellent piece from a musician of the new wave of drum and bass. He sent me a copy of this track as if by chance, but it fit perfectly with the Prototype concept. Mute is a pure hit with the label's sound. And Jamie is a talent that I have a lot to offer.

Ed Rush
You could say I'm one of Ed Rush's patrons. It was published on No U Turn but was not well received. I took him under my wing, gave him the green light, and now they are starting to recognize him. Subway is a cool and pumping theme. Simple but effective. There are many such tracks; Dillingha and Fotek have been publishing such gizmos for many years, but people do not seem to notice them. It's time to take a look.

Dillinja feat. Cybotron
Dillingha is a master. Dillingha is a god. In this compilation, I wanted to show a different side of Dillingi, and therefore here is his side project Cybotron with the track Threshold, which is already five years old for sure. His strings remind me of bygone evenings of Rage.


Designer John Black told how the x-ray of a human head appeared on the cover of the groovier Prototype years. “Actually, the hospital has no right to transfer such things to other hands. This is considered illegal. In the end, I bought the picture. The idea was to look inside the Prototype label. Groovrider then signed a contract with Sony and it turned out to be releasing old material along with new material. Pictures of Groverider himself soon arrived; It was then that I proposed to make the facial stereo image - so that his close-up would change to this skull. Sony generally wanted and so that I add headphones to the X-ray, a DJ deck, but ... I dissuaded them.

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