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Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 16-04-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 160 kbps
Size: 60 Mb
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1.Liife – Lunar (Convex Digital)
2.Etherwood Ft. S.P.Y. - We’re Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab remix) (Medschool)
3.Friction & Fourward - Battle Scars (Alix Perez remix) (Shogun Audio)
4.Incident – Slight (DSCI4)
5.Audiosketch Ft. HLZ - Let You Know (Soul Trader)
6.Total Science & Nymfo – Forward Motion (Dispatch)
7.Ed:It - If And Only If (C.I.A.)
8.Incident & Paul SG – Lost Frequency (Basswerk)
9.Zero T – Dice Game (Citrus)
10.Dawn Wall – Round Table (DNB Arena)
11.Saxxon - High Tide (Gerra & Stone remix) (Soul Trader)
12.Mindless - Nowhere To Go (Delta 9 DUB)
13.HLZ – Theia (Integral)
14.Mayhem & Logam – All I Do (Gridlok remix) (Santoku DUB)
15.L33 Ft.Nuklear - Stand Down (Eatbrain DUB)
16.Octo Pi - System Down (Dirty Latvian)
17.Fourward Ft. Linguistics - The Storm (Shogun Audio)
18.Agressor Bunx – Crusader (Bad Taste)
19.Optiv & BTK - Insight (Segment & Concept Vision remix) (Dutty Audio DUB)
20.Mefjus - Expedition (InsideInfo remix) (Critical Music)
21.Signal – Indirect (Lifestyle Music)
22.Vital – This Way (Incident remix) (Citrus)
23.Roygreen & Protone & Dual – Ridestep (Demand)

Новый выпуск Cybernetic Podcast, который в этот раз записал Incident!

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