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Download John B — Lava / Lie To Me [EP] 2016

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 18/04/2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 46 Mb
Label: Metalheadz

01. John B - Lava
02. John B - Lie To Me
03. John B - The Colossus (Bonus Track)

free download3034258-02.mp3

It's been years since John B last fronted a Headz release - 15 to be precise - but there is no other label these three tracks would be more at home on. Techstepping back to his earliest visions, "Lava" is a straight up spring back to 1998 in new trainers. Stark, grimy and heads-down, it pays homage to one of drum & bass's most innovative eras. "Lie To Me" reminds us of John's inability to sit still creatively with the jazzy, almost "Brand New Funk" style dynamics of "Lie To Me". Finally we hit "The Colossus". One of John's secret weapons since Sun & Bass 2015, it's an ugly piece of uncompromised machine funk with all the bass groans and cymbal splashing you could ever ask for. Arguably John's best release this decade.

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