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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » Dj Gvozd — Пиратская Станция (10-05-2016)

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 10-05-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 272 Mb
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Пиратская Станция в этот раз представляла шоукейс полный новинок и акутального стафа! Два часа эфира варьировал между сабстилями, создавая единое звукополотно качевого вайба. на волне "Pirate Station"!


GVOZD vibes:
1.Ozma & Mellon feat. Avenax - Koala (Multifunction dub)
2.Ted Ganung feat Ggoodei - Everyday I Wonder(Random Movement remix)(Deeper Vision)
3.Blackmask - After idnight (Promo audio)
4.Techture- I Said (Code)
5.D Audi - All That You Are (Hungry T remix)(Audio addict)
6.Phat Playaz - Mi5 (Soul Deep exclusive)
7.Duoscience - Clarity (Avantgarde)
8.Shiny Radio feat. La Kos - Travelin’ VIP
9.Reds - Close Your Eyes(Celsius)
10.Mystific- Cant Breath (Dnbb)
11.Kid Drama - Red Magic (Exit)
12.Jazzatron and Neve feat. Gianni De Nitto - Right Back (Influenza Media)
13.Drumcatcher - Why Note ( Fokuz) Chap and Andrezz - Unsaved (Prestige)
15.Cosmology - Summer Jazz (Different Drumz)
16.Degster - Levity (Soul Deep)
17.Isola Dusk - Waiting For You (Ben Soundscape remix)(Intrigue)
18.Imba - Departure
19.Skyline - Ocean(Championship music)
20.Mooncat feat Merka - Sunny Days (Enjoy Tribe Monster remix)(Break Kost)
21.Champion- Holding On(Soulvent)
22.Symtm - Menace
23.Prtcl - Recall (Flexout Audio)
24.Emperor - Foxholes (Critical)
25.Digital Fracture - Discovery (7Th Circle Audio)
26.Ezor - Bluntseek (dub)
27.Dbr Uk and Structured - Sink Hole (Dispatch)
28.Knoxz - Concept (Renegade Hardware)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Neonlight - Neon City (Blackout)
2.Gancher and Ruin - Almanach (Kinetic)
3.Digital Fracture - Universe (7Th Circle Audio)
4.Mj Free - Re Starter(Tamp3cords)
5.Maltes - Gravitation (dub)
6.Fragz - As We Fight (Yellow Stripe)
7.Neonlight - The Towering Inferno(Blackout)
8.Neonlight - Rascals(Blackout)
9.Bill Laswell vs Submerged - Servant(Ohm resistance)
10.Brusten and Monty - Contact (Warm Ears music)
11.Glitch - Values
12.Silent Witness - Tightener (Triple Seed)
13.Purdz - Hammerhead(Dance Culture)
14.Spaow - Dedicated To Girlz (Twisted Beatz audio)
15.Jabba - Hold It (Dub Voltage)
16.Ceph - Help Me(Animated)
17.Complex - Bad Bitches (Good 4 Nothing)
18.Lymitless - Got To Run Away
19.Kenji and Sunny Boy - Snake In The Grass(Wild West)
20.Bass Shock - Rule (Gully Beats)
21.Dossa and Locuzzed - Electric Boogie(Viper)
22.Muzzy feat. UKID - Play(Monstercat)
23.Bomber Man - Slamming (Alpha9)
24.Dossa and Locuzzed ft Tasha Baxter - Only Way(Viper)
25.GDS - Red Sky At Night (Synesthezia Bass)

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