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Style Drum and Bass
Released 15/03/2005
Format MP3,320kbps +[FLAC/Lossless]
Label Hospital
Type Album/CD

Nu:Tone — "Seven Years (feat. Natalie Williams)" 5:03
Nu:Tone — "Right Now" 5:33
Nu:Tone — "Heaven Sent (feat. SP:MC)" 4:30
Nu:Tone — "Can We? (feat. London Elektricity)" 5:56
Nu:Tone — "Three Bags Full" 4:59
Nu:Tone — "New Boy" 4:09
Nu:Tone — "Strange Encounter (feat. Natalie Williams)" 5:18
Nu:Tone — "Countdown (feat. Logistics)" 4:29
Nu:Tone — "Ebb+Flow" 5:58
Nu:Tone — "Breathless" 5:37
Nu:Tone — "All Over The World (feat. Rose Windross)" 4:52
Nu:Tone — "Feel It" 4:53
Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun — "Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)" 7:23

13 / 1:08:40


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There's just no stopping the Nu:Tone right now!
Following in the footsteps of Hospital luminaries High Contrast and London Elektricity, with a unique combination of lounge-core flavour and tough dancefloor skills, Brave Nu World is the outstanding long-play debut from The Talented Mr Gresham.

There are some heavyweight vocal hook-ups on this LP - original studio business is on the agenda here; no half-arsed accapella nonsense! Jazz diva Natalie Williams wraps her sultry vocals around the radio bomb 'Seven Years', and 'Strange Encounter' (that rarest of things: a full vocal d&b workout which actually works on the dancefloor). SP:MC picks up the mic for his recording debut, to add hypnotic lyrics and North London know-how on the dubwise rollout 'Heaven Sent'. 'Can We?' sees Nu:Tone join forces with London Elektricity and Liane Carroll, resulting in full-on gospel infused soul heaven. And, as if all that wasn't enough, Soul 2 Soul legend Rose Windross makes a very rare guest appearance, bringing her unmistakable voice to 'All Over The World'.

There are plenty of nuggets to keep any dancefloor rocking too. Club favourites like 'Ebb + Flow' and 'Right Now', fully road-tested on plate for over a year, plus 'Countdown' (a family funktion with Dan's own little brother Logistics), alongside bonafide smashers 'Breathless' and the classic re-rub of Lenny Fontana's 'Spread Love'.

The Nu Boy proves he's got what it takes to challenge the big dogs in 2005.

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