Download Hugh Hardie - City Soul EP 2016

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 10-06-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Hospital

01. Hugh Hardie - Everything Was Nothing (feat. Benji Clements) (Original Mix)
02. Hugh Hardie - Light It Up (Original Mix)
03. Hugh Hardie - Shudder (Original Mix)
04. Hugh Hardie - City Soul (feat. Silence Groove) (Original Mix)

Associated with Hospital, with collabs, remixes and compilation tracks for over two years now, Hugh finally gets his debut EP moment and the emphasis is definitely on the word 'moment'... "Everything Was Nothing" is a silky vocal roller with Power Ballads-era jazz to the vocal delivery. "Light It Up" is an instant festival skank-up with its juicy instrumentation and soul-tickling organs while "Shudder" takes us on a much darker trip around Hugh's psyche. Finally we climax with "City Soul" a track that splashes you to the very core with sheer 2002 liquid juices. Hugh isn't messing around here.

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