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Style Jungle, Drum and Bass
Released 31/08/2016
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Aphrodite

Aphrodite — "Shine" 6:44
Aphrodite — "Style From The Darkside" 6:07
Aphrodite — "Criss Cross" 5:52
Aphrodite — "We Wanna Be Free" 6:10
Aphrodite — "Twilight" 5:51
Aphrodite — "Dub Moods (The Greatest Trick)" 5:40


Review: Sweet lord junglist Jesus, Aphrodite lets rip with a history lesson and we'd all be wise to pay attention. Ranging back to 1994 with the lighter-thrusting, rush-busting "Shine" the Aphro man takes us on a wild trip through 20+ years of D&B; "Style From The Darkside" is quintessential Urban Shakedown jump-up while "We Wanna Be Free" and "Criss Cross" mark the more electronic, rockier dynamics of the mid-2000s. Finally "Twilight" is a straight-up riot jam, all scratchy and nasty with late 90s Moving Fusion style rolling brutality. Five lines of uncut primo D&B business here.

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