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Style: Liquid funk, Drum and Bass
Year: 18/06/2007
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Label: Figment Records
Cat: NHS122DD
Type: Album

•Nu:Tone, Pat Fulgoni — Beliefs 4:07
•Nu:Tone — Deep Old 4:10
•Nu:Tone, Natalie Williams — System 4:54
•Nu:Tone — Missing Link 5:40
•Nu:Tone, Commix — Take Me Back 5:28
•Nu:Tone, Talc — What's Your Leisure? 4:29
•Nu:Tone, Logistics — Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 5:22
•Nu:Tone — Beatnik 5:15
•Nu:Tone, Logistics — Never Together 4:15
•Nu:Tone, Ernesto — Up And Down 4:57
•Nu:Tone — The Boy Who Lost His Smile 6:01
•Nu:Tone — Goofy 4:09
•Nu:Tone, Talc — Jet Stream 5:16
13 / 1:03:58


Riding on a tidal wave of fast soul - Nu:Tone is back! Since his debut album in 2005 Nu:Tone has been a busy, busy boy; breeding and beatmaking have been at the top of his agenda. Bigger, badder and bolder, the incredible new album Back Of Beyond picks up where his first offering Brave Nu World left off, and takes the Nu:Tone sound to the next level.

The man from the Back Of Beyond has put together a formidable cast of extras on this LP with some amazing musicians, producers and vocalists lending their skills… The lead-off single Beliefs has got people talking from D+B through to house, with one of the biggest vocals this side of the Atlantic. Featuring Huddersfield's own Pat Fulgoni, “anthemic” is not too strong a term.

After the success of her two vocal cuts on the first LP, Natalie Williams returns with 'System', another absolute belter of a song, guaranteed to be stuck in your head after the first listen. Fellow Cambridge residents Commix add their production skills on 'Take Me Back', a sublime tune which crystallizes the albums subtle oldschool-house feel. Little brother Logistics and yacht-rockers Talc contribute on two tracks each, and Scandinavian soul sensation Ernesto cover the full gamut of styles and sounds.

The album is already a huge hit with discerning dance music jocks world wide, with legends in the scene like Tom Middleton ringing up the Hospital HQ to sing its praises, alongside every D+B head from LTJ Bukem to Simon Bassline Smith. Nobody does deep, soulful drum+bass quite like Nu:Tone. In turns warm and soothing as well as edgy and energetic, expect to be hearing this album on constant rotation as we move into summer and the sun begins to shine on 2007.

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