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Download Underdog - Find The Groove (EP) 2016

Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid funk
Release date: 13-10-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 47 Mb
Label: Soul Deep Exclusives

1. Underdog - Find The Groove (Original Mix)
2. Underdog - Squid (Original Mix)
3. Underdog - No Wordz (Original Mix)
4. Underdog - Tippy (Original Mix)

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Soul Deep invite another exciting new artist to the bulging family roster: Underdog. Hailing from parts unknown, he's unleashed a serious knowledge of D&B heritage and weight with four blistering Bristol flavoured works of timelessness. "Find The Groove" is all about the flabby double bassline that wouldn't go amiss in a Utah Jazz dubplate, "Squid" is all about the heads down cosmic groove that the likes of Bungle used to smash 10 years ago while "No Words" rolls with light jazz horn flutters. Finally "Tippy" brings it all together with the double bass, big string echoes and tripped out downpitched horn work. Woof!

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