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Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 15-10-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 132 Mb
Label: Anamorphic

1. Spree - Lost from the get go
2. Spree - Tone 2
3. Spree - Time Spent Here
4. Spree - Pass By
5. Spree - Concete Sickness
6. Spree - Vertigo
7. Spree - Concete Sickness (Physics remix)
8. Spree - Time Spent Here (Physics remix)
9. Spree - Pass By (Genetix remix)

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Famed for their live performances, longstanding Northern Irish 170 soul troupe Spree come correct with their long-awaited debut album The Swarm. Tapping into the rich pool of fusions dug by the likes of 4Hero, EZ Rollers and London Elektricity, there's beautifully loose and organic nature to each track as we flutter from the sublime smoothness of tracks like "Tone 2" into much more rugged drum-focused soundscapes such as "Pass By" other highlights include the Ayres-style jazz vocals and Bukem-style drum magic of "Concrete Sickness" and the Submotion Orchestra-style "Lost From The Get Go". The remixes from Physics and Genetix should be without a co-sign, too.

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