Download Paul SG - This Is Me (LP) 2016

Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk
Release date: 26-10-2016
Format: MP3
Label: Jazzsticks

После летних каникул Jazzsticks-Recordings вернулся, пнув ногой дверь! Наглость в данном случае обоснована, потому что голова лейбла Paul SG принес нам новый ликвид драм-энд-бейс альбом и получился он очень качественным.

1. Paul SG - Verrazano
2. Paul SG - This Is Me (Feat. T.R.A.C.)
3. Paul SG - Lefthanded
4. Paul SG - You+ll Never Know (Feat. Conrad)
5. Paul SG - The Change
6. Paul SG - Cosmic Jam (Amen Mix)
7. Paul SG - Cherry Blossom Tears (Feat. Angelina Dove)
8. Paul SG - Trapped In Memories
9. Paul SG - Poverty (Feat. T.R.A.C.)
10. Paul SG - Unlike
11. Paul SG - Hard To Find (Feat. Jay Rome)
12. Paul SG - Petersberg
13. Paul SG - Fantasia
14. Paul SG - Not Worth It
15. Paul SG - Two Became One (Feat. Grimm)
16. Paul SG - Swosha


Новый альбом "This Is Me" австрийского продюсера Paul SG, вышедший на его собственном лейбле!

Let's say it now: it's about time! Vienna's Paul SG has been quietly donning the currently massive Austrian D&B scene for much longer than some of his more hyped peers. No drama, no ego or fanfare....just a consistent stream of soulful groove for almost 10 years; a full length release has been expected, hoped and longed for years. Naturally he hasn't disappointed. Highlights include the brilliant juddering funk of "Lefthanded", the spacey jazzy Bingo Beats bass phrasing, the absolute soul of Angelina Dove on "Cherry Blossom", the TRAC-fronted Breakbeat Era style "Poverty" and the fluttering aesthetic of "You All Never Know". With Conrad on the vocals, it's the timeless cherry on a truly authentic D&B cake. Delicious.

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