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Style: Drum and Bass, Darkstep
Year: 30/11/2020
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Label: Mobcore Chicago Records
Cat: MCR-055

1. Oz1 - Mayday 5:31
2. Oz1 - My Personal Dimension 5:34
3. Oz1 - Plastic Suffering 4:23
4. Oz1 - Resident Evil 4:30


Mobcore family represent!
Consistently delivering quality material across the broad landscape of jungle, drum’n’bass, hardcore, breakcore, experimental electronics, idm, and noise – Mobcore Chicago Records touches down with their 55th release in the form of “My Personal Dimension” from Oz-1 (if anyone has info on that producer, hit the comments because I couldn’t find a website or social media profile).

The EP starts off with the track “Mayday”, which devolves from nothingness over some warbled vocals uttering pleas for help into an outerspace passage that snaps into a nice heady and tight techstep beat. Mere measures later and this tune is off and running on some 00s era Bad Company UK vibes. The track morphs between the two trains of thought a few times, ultimately delivering a big dramatic drop – and “Mayday” doesn’t disappoint. The vocal samples swell, the sonic backdrop morphs, the goosebumps start wiggling, the hairs start standing on end – and just when you expect a headnod halftime breakdown or some such typical shit, it snaps back into the dancefloor crushing modern drum’n’bass sound that nods to the early drum’n’bass sound, itself. Fresh tuna!

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The title track, “My Personal Dimension” starts off with pure early/mid aughts smashing drum’n’bass that sounds like it was still heavily fucking with classic breaks samples while, simultaneously, beginning to create original, modern, synthetic breaks that have gone on to be sampled and edited to no end themselves. Pure runnin’ drum’n’bass into proto-skullstep and early hardcore d’n’b into ravey anthem drum’n’bass and back again, this track is a pure sonic journey in the truest sense. It takes you on an actual journey, if you’ll let it. Quality tuna!

“Plastic Suffering” follows up in the form of a snappy dark and ravey junglecore tune that both dips into the murk and rises into the clouds along the way. I could never write a tune this good, but this is the kind of tune I hear in my head and attempt to make most of the time. This tune, for me, feels truly kindred. Familiar, classic, unique, fresh, moving. Big tuna!

The final track from the EP is called “Resident Evil” and I definitely hear samples from the franchise, aplenty. I’d expect nothing else, to be honest. Spooky intro into a hard techstep beat with big fuzzy bass washes and steppy breaks underneath, the first portion of this tune gives me big “Shadowboxing” vibes. It takes a few turns after that, all executed well but, in my opinion, stole the thunder from a track that could’ve evolved into a true dark techstep anthem – and I may go try to remix it at some point, in hopes to make it do so. Last tuna!

Full and high recommendations for this one!

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