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Style: Drum and Bass, FutureBeats, Drumstep, GlitchHop, Neurohop
Release date: 13.12.2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Zip: 66 Mb
Label: MethLab

01. Aethek - Vertebrae
02. Broken Note - Rust in Peace
03. Hybris - Gut Rumble
04. Audeka & Bell's Worth - Dark Matter Lunchbox
05. Volatile Cycle & Barbarix - Rundled
06. Rawtek & Audeka - Solar Grace

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MethLab Recordings, as their name suggests, are always in some back room cooking up some rather suspicious sonic concoctions and, yes, they aren't exactly opposed to throwing in a few solvents along the way. Their first Monoleth series comes as a collaborative effort, starting with a fuzzy, twisted nutter by the name of "Vertebrae" by Aethek, which is followed by Broken Note's volcanic bass eruption "Rust In Piece". Hybris' "Gut Rumble" is a broken, jacked-out techno hybrid, but our favourite piece on here has to be "Dark Matter Lunchbox" from Audeka and Bell's Worth - a veritable machine-gun flow.

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