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Download DNB / Debri (GuestMix by Live History Records (Xorgen), MC Rodriguez) (15-04-2017)

Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk, Intelligent
Size: 135 Mb
Date: 15-04-2017
Format & Quality: mp3, 320kbps
«Все выпуски Дебри, Радио Рекорд Иркутск»

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«Dебри» ритм-массив liquidfunk'а как с традиционным, так и с экспериментальным подходом к звучанию, в прямом эфире рифмами с микрофоном наперевес контролируют: XORGEN (LIVE HISTORY RECORDS) / MC RODRIGUEZ / C-LEEN.


DJ C-LeeN drum'n'bass vibes:
1. Green Vibes: Tonight
2. Green Vibes: Take Me Out
3. Kirill-T: Silence Will Be Broken
4. Sonic Art: Breath Of The Planet
5. Kirill-T: Starfall
6. Paul von Lecter: War
7. Nfunk: Black Heart
8. Maztek: Limber (Optiv & BTK rmx)
9. Quality Control vs. Barry White: Like This, Love This (C-LeeN mashup)

feat. Live History Records & MC Rodriguez
10. Western Sea: Guitar Flow
11. Nelver: Flash Royal
12. Theoretical: Canyon
13. Nu4m & Kije: Looking At Ghost
14. Xorgen & Sander Lite: Gagarin
15. Green Vibes: Tonight
16. Readsense & Alterscale: That's Why
17. Nucaio: Moon
18. Qpad: Stand By
19. Cnof: Early Morning
20. Green Vibes: Take Me Out
21. FlashbackFm: Never Fall Again
22. Krot & V4Ns: Night Light
23. Sander Lite: Voices Of Shamanism
24. Nu4m & Kije: Close Your Eyes
25. FlashbackFm & Rizla: Be Alone

26. Keeno: Insomnia Of An Anxious Mind

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