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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Dubstep » Violinbwoy - DOD [LP] 2017

Style: Dub, Dubstep, Reggae, Electro Dub, Deep Dubstep
Release date: 04-12-2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Moonshine Recordings

Violinbwoy, Sis I-Leen - Babylon (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - DOd (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Dubplate (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy, Rider Shafique - Find The Way (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Fyetisov (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy, Marina P - Gone (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Moonspell (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Rig Alert (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Run & Hide (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy, Junior Dread - Sound System (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Surfacing (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy, Dan I - Wanted (Original Mix)

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Moonshine's Mister Mystic steps forth from his Polish lab with his debut album Dod and it's every bit as immersive and spellbinding as his reputation and spotless body of work suggests. As always, all flavours are welcome in his highly strung melting pot; from the techno-like 4/4 and late night hypnosis of "Dubplate" to the mind-blowing brain rocket "Rig Alert" via the cavernous, dungeon wall slapping "Find The Way", Violinbwoy seamlessly smelts and fuses ideas, elements and traditions from across the world with his own late night, smoked out, heavily musical signature. Dod means dead in Danish, which is exactly how you'll feel if you sleep on this one.

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