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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Dubstep » VA - BONE IDOL [EP] 2017

Style: Dubstep, Riddim
Release date: 15-12-2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Pandabeat Records

Jub & Plazid - What's Goin On
Gh0sh - Severe
Mutant - Extermutate
Raskol & Mutant - Idol Riddim
Mutant & Skenz - Perfecto
Raskol & Plazid - Lock 'N' Load (Raskol VIP)
Bone Idol - Outdone
Raskol & Plazid - Machine


This collective scattered around the Globe produces a versatile sound. From England to Russia, passing by Israel, this EP gathers skanky rythms and delivers another vision of Riddim Dubstep.
Highlighting heavy kicks and loosy melodies under its synth’s tones, "What’s Going On?" is a fresh collaboration with Jub and Plazid which exposes an interesting build-up. The synths are stabbing, giving an old-school vibe to the overall structure.
"Severe" by Gh0sh, features a rumbling sonic arena where frequencies collide and match perfectly with the sub-bass. The use of the chorus effect is brought to the forefront, with fast-attacked synths. On “Outdone”, the construction is minimalist and the synths are slowly morphing into different modulation rates. We can recognize the style and the precision of the different members of this group.
"Extermutate " discloses distorted drums and stuttered synths. Produced by Mutant, the tonality is effective and some alterations make the transition during different flows.

"Machine" features a detuned 8-bit sounding synth and delayed vocal samples. The flow is gritty, industrial and synths are nicely arranged during the mixing process. On “Perfecto”, Mutant and Skenz have polished the structure of their mixdown with a roaring bassline and offbeat percussions: This track will satisfy chop enthusiasts. “Idol Riddim” features a tight arrangement where the vocal samples clash with the growling synths, sometimes screeching.
"Lock 'n' Load Raskol VIP" plays with delays offset and offers an interesting transition between grimy drums and panned synths.

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