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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Dubstep » Prettybwoy - Genetics [EP] 2017

Style: Expirimental, Future Grime, UK Bass, Instrumental
Release date: 22-12-2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps

Prettybwoy - Footstep Flying 4:46
Prettybwoy - Genetic Dance 4:02
Prettybwoy - Hyggs 3:12
Prettybwoy - Outro Hello 5:27
Prettybwoy - Shadow Riddim (Massacooramaan Remix) 4:13
Prettybwoy - Shadow Riddim 4:34

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Based out of Shanghai, China, the SVBKVLT movement have been making serious waves in pushing the 140 hybrid sound into pastures previously thought unreachable. They have done this through the assistance of futuristic grime / wave producers such as Swimful and Downstate. This time around they join forces with Tokyo's own Prettybwoy for a fantastic 6 tracker entitled 'Genetics', encompassing everything the SVBKVLT movement is looking to push. The EP is a fantastic long play listen, from the unpredictable rolling drums of 'Shadow Riddim' and 'Genetic Dance' through to the beautiful melodic imagery designed within 'Footstep Flying' and 'Outro Hello' finishing with the magnificent soundscaping of 'Hyggs'. It's safe to say that the EP is a masterpiece in futuristic half time music.

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