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Cubiqle - Duna (BSSKRT002)

Style: Dub step, Deep Dubstep
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 16/11/2020
Label: Basskruit
Cat: BSSKRT002

Next up from the Basskruit crew, we take in this fabulous new selection from an artist by the name of Cubiqule, whose brand new single seems to find itself lurking between about ten different genres and yet not sounding out of place at all. The electronic magnificence of 'Duna' is something to behold, with the half-time, almost hip-hop inspired rhythms of the track sitting so comfortably alongside incredibly metallic percussion and swampy bass sounds, the fusion is frankly mind-blowing. Despite the original track being so exceptional, we also find ourselves blessed with four remixes, kicking off with SCHIM92's colourful steppers rethink, alongside a much more dungeon-inspired 140 relick from Datra. Next, Crowley gives the track another dubstep overhaul, speeding up the rhythms into a system-busting soundscape, with the wonky drums and sizzling synth action of Moonstreams's rework providing the final touches of this excellent projecty!

• Cubiqle — Duna 4:19
• Cubiqle — Duna (SCHIM92 Remix) 4:38
• Cubiqle — Duna (Datra Remix) 3:46
• Cubiqle — Duna (Crowley Remix) 3:42
• Cubiqle — Duna (Moonstreams Remix) 4:21
5 / 20:44


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