Download KLASH Dime Pieces III (03) (LP) 2018

Style: Trap, Dubstep, Hardstyle, CarnivalBass, BassHouse
Release date: 20.04.2018
Format: MP3 / 320kbps
Label: KLASH

Dirtcaps — We Don't Give A F*ck (feat. Late)
Red Hood Squad & Morbid — Blast Off (feat. Rico Act)
Makla x Tekraw — How Hard (feat. Hawkboy)
mOnSteR nO.9 — 9 NINE
ReauBeau — Not About You (feat. Robin)
Lost Identity — Send ‘Em Home
Antrox — Get It
Flowjacks — With Me
Steve Walls — Rolling
Ziggy & Rosh — Tomahawk
Yuri Viroj — Criminals
Dirrty Berry — Lose Control



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Dubstep / Hardcore-Hardstyle / Trap

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