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Get bass music FREE DOWNLOAD MP3 TORRENT. » Dubstep » - As She Tried To Purge Her Soul, It Engulfed Her (Album) 2018

Style: Dubstep, Trap, Electronic
Release date: 08-06-2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Silent Running Scandal

1. Artificial.Music — He’s Here For Us All, I Love Him So Much
2. Artificial.Music — My Proposal, He Said No
3. Artificial.Music — Some Endings Are Just So Dissatisfying
4. Artificial.Music — When It Ended, We Just Began Again
5. Artificial.Music — We Keep Repeating The Same Attempts And Expecting Different Results
6. Artificial.Music — The One That Was Forgotten A Long Time Ago
7. Artificial.Music — Right ‘Til The Bitter End
8. Artificial.Music — I Thought What We Had Was Real, But It Was Just A Fabrication That I Created In Order To Feel Loved (mad.i.m Tribute)
9. Artificial.Music — My Heart Is Discontented Whenever We Near Satisfaction
10. Artificial.Music — We Overdid It, Openness Is Just A Dreamlike Expression
11. Artificial.Music — Mountaintops In The Sky
12. Artificial.Music — Just Another Swine (Instrumental)


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