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Download Corroded - Defcon Zero (Zardonic Remix) [Single]

Corroded - Defcon Zero (Zardonic Remix) [Single]

Style: Drum and Bass, Industrial, Metal, Dubstep
Release date: 29-04-2018
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Despotz Records

1. Corroded — Defcon Zero (Zardonic Remix) (4:17)


What happens when you give #ZARDONIC full access to the stems to a whole album instead of just remixing one individual track, but the goal - to create ONE remix? - Donning one of the top 10 best DJ masks in the world Zardonic is a producer who seamlessly encompass Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Electro House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hardcore Techno with shredding metal guitars and commanding vocals. He's previously remixed other Despotz-artists like Sonic Syndicate, Skarlett Riot, Nightrage and The Unguided.

"We’ve been totally up for the idea of hearing a remix to one of our songs. Zardonic came up with this brutal mix of all songs from the album and we all loved it after listen to it the first time. You still feel and hear the heart of Corroded beating in this remix but Zardonic put it with his ideas onto another level. Great job.“ (c) CORRODED

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