Download Dedicut - Crawl Space | Magnesium [EP] 2018

Dedicut - Crawl Space | Magnesium [EP] 2018

Style: Deep Dubstep
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 23-06-2018
Label: Keep Deep

Dedicut - Crawl Space
Dedicut - Magnesium



The Keep Deep movement ploughs on with this one as they team up with dubstep dynamo Dedicut for super powerful two track tasting. We begin with 'Crawl Space', which is a minimalistic composition, centering around the quirky nature of the lead bass instrument, couple with spacey drum patterns and shimmering windy effects. We then move into the more amphibious bass synth design on 'Magnesium' which trickles through the mix with unpredictable oscillations over dubbed out drum selections and eerie atmospheric tones in the background.

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