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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Dubstep » Dj Hype - Kiss FM (13-12-2017 - 23-01-2018)

Style: Drum and Bass
Size: 199 Mb
Date: 23.01.2018
Type: mix
Format / Quality: [mp3 - 245 kbps]
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Запись нового выпуска радиошоу на Kiss FM английского продюсера и основателя лейбла Playaz Recordings - DJ Hype.

Dj Hype - Kiss FM 23-01-2018

Sub Zero And Limited -Dubplate Business
Serum - Road Dog
Traumatize - Bashment Gal
Jaydan - Darker World (TI Remix)
Critcal Impact - Trapped
Majitrate And Logan D - Joker
Upgrade And Levela - White Girl Wasted
KY - Unknown
Commix - Be True (Synergy Bootleg)
Sub Zero N Limited - Can’t Go To Sleep
Limited - Slugs From A 45
Critcal Impact And Break Feat Skibba - Creeper
Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends
Camo And Krooked - Good Times Bad Times
Sub Zero And Majistrate - Step On
Limited - Click Clack
Mutated Forms - What You Want
Limited - Untitled
Sub Zero And Limited Feat Inja - Run (VIP)
Simula - Raver
Sub Zero And Critcal Impact - Devilish
Arnone - Pharmaceutical
Benny L And Shimon - Sharks
Limited - Juvenile
Ultra - Hazard
Limited - Love Is Blind
Limited - Bus It
Upgrade - Steel Drum
Majistrate - Rise Up (Sub Zero Remix)
Dominator - History Making Vip
Sub Zero And Limited - Vibrations
TI Deep Within (Limited Remix)
Upgrade & TI - Shot Down
Traumatize - Admission
Limited - Ganja Time
Sub Killers And Profile - Bootleg Mash Up
G Dub - Tink Ya Bad Remix
Annix - Slaughter (Ozma )Remix
Stompz - Automata
TC - Unknown
Sub Zero And Limited - The Cure
Critical Mass - Mach 7
Kripz - On Fire (Sub Zero Remix)
Limited - Smoke Em Out (VIP)
Sub Zero And Majistrate - Untitled
Ego Tripping - Mind Bender
Sub Zero - Poon (Limited Remix)
Mutated Forms - Waste Gash (Limited Remix)

Dj Hype - Kiss FM 13-12-2017


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