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Style: Dubstep
Date: 15/12/2013
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Circus
Cat# CR028

Earlier this year Cookie Monsta had a pop at our mums. Now he's having a go at the dog. Is anyone safe when Nottingham's naughtiest is at the controls? That's a rhetorical question; with his level of cage-rattling basslines and tongue-in-cheek sample abuse, no one is safe. "Blame It On The Dog" is a classic half-step swagger-jam with cool reverse techniques on the bass melody while "Big Booty Bass" is armed with a more fractious low-end and some really interesting textures created with the vocal samples. Both absolutely kill it.

• Cookie Monsta - Blame It on the Dog 4:38
• Cookie Monsta - Big Booty Bass 3:38

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