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Arta - Rambo (EP) 2018

Style: Deep Dubstep | Dubstep
Release date: 31/08/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Dubtribu
Cat: DTR024

• Arta — Rambo (Original Mix) 5:02
• Arta — Check (Original Mix) 5:29
• Arta — Cryogenesis (Original Mix) 6:10
• Arta — Stompa (Original Mix) 4:07
• Arta — Communication Dub (Original Mix) 5:04


Review: One of our favourite dubstep imprints returns here as the Dubtribu camp bring forward the earth shattering sounds of Arta for a five track special project. We kick off with the powerhouse distortion of 'Rambo' with its heavyweight electro leads, before rolling into the spookier, more soundscape driven design of 'Check'. Next up, the stuttered electronic bass stabs of 'Cryogenesis' before landing on the robotic war machine known as 'Stompa'. We then finish up the EP with 'Communications Dub', a perfectly swung ride through sub bass and space, driven by its quirky rhythms and subtle percussive movements.

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