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Music Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep
Release 5/02/2013
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Firepower
Nr POW011
Type Album

Getter — Papercuts 3:53
12Gauge — Clutch (Getter Remix) 3:42
Getter — Gunshots 4:45
Getter / Slosh — Crack That (Getter|Slosh) 3:55
Getter — Aggravate 3:52
Getter — Fallout 3:58
Getter — I Want More 5:21
Getter, Datsik, & The Frim feat. Snak The Ripper — Lose Focus 4:28


Firing with the ruthlessness of a hundred hitmen made of titanium bass, US dubstep upstart Getter has taken no prisoners since his early saw-toothed bangers on Ultragore. With screaming - at points harrowing - riffs spitting throughout over pneumatic beats, it's a challenge to pick the darkest track, but the pained stabs of "Clutch" and rip-snorting rifle-like D&B bass burps of "Aggravate" are definitely high up there on the Devil's current iPod playlist. The technicolour trills on "Crack That" are most stimulating, too...

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