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Music Deep-Dubstep / Dubstep
Released 29/04/2014
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Annihilate Audio
Nr ANA006

Chad Dubz — Blank Space (Original Mix) 5:27
Chad Dubz — Mistaken Identity (Original Mix) 4:38
Chad Dubz / Paragon — Ritual (Original Mix) 5:54


With a drum set that resonates with the classic aspects of jungle, the percussive colours of "Mistaken Identity" are sharp, shiny and bold throughout as an array of sub stutters and subtle wobbles lead the charge. "Ritual", a co-lab with Paragon, develops the drama dynamic further as deep tub-thumbs hammer a pensive message beneath a blanket of icy oppressive pads. Finally we're smacked into submission by the epic "Blank Space"; a seismic sheet of groaning bass stretches, it's so dark you need floodlights just to listen to it. There's no mistaking the heaviness at play here.

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