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Download Jazzsteppa - Don't LuVs Me (I-Dozer) EP [JAZZ02] mp3

Style Dubstep, JazzStep
Release 7/03/2011
Quality 320 kbps MP3
Imprint JazZstePpa
Nr# JAZZ002

tracklist 4 / 16:33
⦁ JazZstePpa, Jessie Lee Burn — I-Dozer 4:42
⦁ JazZstePpa, Borgore — Shamen 3:36
⦁ JazZstePpa, Efrat Gosh — Don't Loves Me 3:26
⦁ Jazzsteppa — I-Dozer (Instrumental) 4:50

"gratis herunterladen"

“I-doser” is a new digital release from Jazzsteppa. Featuring tracks “I-doser”, “Shamen” and “Don’t Loves Me”, the EP is a prelude to the next Jazzsteppa album, releasing imminently on the Studio Rockers label.
Collaborating with artists Jessie Lee Burn and Efrat Gosh on brand new tracks, their most vocally prominent to date, “I-doser” retains the original Jazzsteppa sound of live drums and brass suffused to electronics that they are known and loved for.

“I-doser” Jazzsteppa feat. Jessie Lee Burn
Taking its name from the worldwide brainwave synchronizer phenomenon, “I-doser” bounces along an carnivalesque beat, exploring Funky and two-step influences. The irrepressible percussive groove and Jessie Lee Burn's rich bluesy vocals produce an ifectious and addictive dancefloor track.

“Shamen” Jazzsteppa vs Borgore
Originally recorded in 2009 Shamen and put out as a limited edition 7”, this killer club track is released here in digital format for the first time.
Teaming up with controversial brostep/gorestep producer Borgore, “Shamen” unequivocally conjures strobes, sweat and delirium, with its hard-hitting beats, reverb-thick bass punches and vox samples from Jacques Attali's Noise: The Political Economy of Music.

“Don't Loves Me” Jazzsteppa ft. Efrat Gosh
Jazzsteppa collaborate with one of the biggest names on the contemporary scene in Israel, singer/songwriter Efrat Gosh.
The soulful fragility of Efrat’s vocals swim in and out of a sensual melodies reminiscent of the middle-east, caressed by live brass and darbuka.

Also includes “I-doser” (instrumental)
Jazzsteppa are a live dubstep collective, known as the first outfit to release and play live dubstep with acoustic instruments. Releases include Taylor Rain / Big Swing Sound and America B / Five.
Jessie Lee Burn is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from East London.
Borgore a controversial Brostep/Gorestep pioneer, Borgore's sensational track “Guided Relaxation Dub” (Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol. 1) racked up close to a million views on YouTube. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the young producer's surgical FX-work and raturous basslines represent the cutting edge of the upfront sound.
Efrat Gosh the Israeli singer/songwriter/actress, signed to NMC United, releasing her acclaimed first album in 2005. Now a huge national success, number one selling singles include “See the Light” “As It Used to Be” and “Boxing Fight”.

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