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Music Dubstep
Release 15/09/2014
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Never Say Die
Nr NSDX061

Habstrakt, Megalodon — Yabba Dabs 4:14
Habstrakt, Megalodon — The Storm 4:07
Habstrakt, Megalodon — Revenge 4:10
Habstrakt, Megalodon — Riddim101 4:45


Habstrakt and Megalodon have combined their mighty forces on a new EP entitled 'The Storm'. This four-track collection sees a fusion of weighty bass lines, original samples and dominating rhythms throughout, highlighting both producers' individual qualities. 'Yabba Dabs' kicks off proceedings packed full of swagger with extended, swooping drops and underlying syncopation. Next up comes the title track, with aggressive vocal stabs and a swinging breakdown that keeps things flowing. 'Revenge' opens in typically atmospheric style, with resonating organ chords that progress into a churning, relentless series of cycle of sinister drops. The EP closes with 'Riddim101'; it's infectious, bubbling percussive sequence playing out over the duo's grimy use of snares. 'The Storm' is a gnarly, blistering release that displays both Habstrakt and Megalodon's creative flair in production. Another collaboration has been brewing since the release of their '40 Cows' last year; dont wait for this one to pass.

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