Music-Styles Drum and Bass, Deep Dubstep, Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Jungle, Instrumental-Grime, Trap
Released 11/01/2020
Quality MP3 320 kbps x Lossless
Imprint BS0 Records
Geo Japan, UK united-kingdom japan
Format Compilation
R.I.P. Naoki Iijima (1971-2020)

We are very happy & proud to announce that this monster 64 track compilation.
В начале февраля в Токио скоропостижно скончался Наоки Иидзима, основатель культового магазина Disc Shop Zero и, пожалуй, главный промоутер бристольской андеграундной бэйс-сцены во всей Японии. Спустя ровно месяц, в день рождения Наоки, силами артистов преимущественно из Бристоля и Токио была выпущена мультижанровая компиляция из 64 треков, почти все из которых являются эксклюзивными, под названием «Zero - Bristol x Tokyo». Все средства от продаж сборника пойдут семье Наоки.

1. Jimmy Galvin — 4A 3:23
2. Crewz — Mystique 4:33
3. Popsy Curious — Jah Hold Up the Rain 4:35
4. Chad Dubz — Switch 3:13
5. Henry & Louis ft Rapper Robert — Sweet Paradise (2 Kings Remix) 3:47
6. Ree-Vo — Steppas Taking Me 3:05
7. Smith & Mighty — Love Is The Key (steppas mix) ft Dan Rachet 6:01
8. LQ — Jupiter Skank 6:01
9. Part2Style — Aftershock 4:37
10. Arkwright — Shinjuku 6:10
11. Mungo’s Hi Fi — Lightning Flash and Thunder Clap 4:19
12. Bim One Production — Block Stepper 4:25
13. Alpha Steppa — Roaring Lion [Dubplate] 3:24
14. Headhunter — Mirror Ball 4:37
15. V.I.V.E.K — Slumdog 6:33
16. Ryoichi Ueno — Burning DUB 4:27
17. Pev & Hodge — Something Else 5:54
18. Teffa — Roller Coaster 4:00
19. Lemzly Dale — So Right 3:12
20. CITY1 — Hisui Dub 3:15
21. Big Answer Sound — Cheater’s Scenario ft Michel Padrón 3:32
22. Mighty Dub Generators — Lovin 3:19
23. Karnage — Drifting 3:42
24. Karnage — Agreas 4:41
25. LXC & JB — Men Hiki Men 5:08
26. Alpha — On the Hills Onward Journey 6:41
27. Boofy — Unknown Dub 5:05
28. Daddy Veda — Sun Mark Step 3:20
29. Antennasia — Beyond the Dust (album mix) 5:32
30. ELEVEN — Harvest Road 3:21
31. Atki2 — Mousa Sound 3:19
32. Boca 45 — Mr Big Sun (ft Stephanie McKay) 2:56
33. DubApe — Hope 3:10
34. Hi 5 Ghost — Disruptor Rounds 5:31
35. G.Rina (with King Kim) — Walk With You 3:05
36. ENA — Columns 4:47
37. Red-i meets Jah 93 — Jah Works 4:34
38. Peter D Rose — It’s OK (Naoki Dub) 2:49
39. Flynnites — Freak On 2:34
40. Pinch x Riko Dan x RSD — Screamer Dub 4:02
41. BunZer0 — Vibrant 5:39
42. Dub From Atlantis — You Are What You Say 6:32
43. Suv Step — Jah Let It Dub 6:28
44. DoubleClapperz — Ponnamma 4:59
45. Denham Audio & Juma — Ego Check (Unkey remix) 4:43
46. Mars89 — I hope you feel better soon 4:13
47. Kahn & Neek — 16mm 3:21
48. Dayzero — Convert hands 4:13
49. Sledgehead — Rocket Man 3:22
50. Jukes ft Tammy Payne — Tunnel 4:11
51. Tenja — We Chant (New Mix) 4:19
52. RSD — Lapution City (Love Is Wise) 4:45
53. DJ Suv — Antidote 5:40
54. DieMantle — Shellaz 4:26
55. Ishan Sound — Barrel 4:15
56. Ratman — Sunshine 4:18
57. Tribe Steppaz — Slabba Gabba 4:37
58. Scumputer — PENX — Mary Whitehouse edit 1:56
59. Dubkasm — Babylon Ambush (Iration Steppas Dubplate Mix) 4:13
60. Undefined — Undefined-Signal (at Unit, Tokyo) 5:01
61. Dubkasm — Monte De Siao — Sam Binga / Rider Shafique DSZVIP 3:57
62. Rachael Dadd — Legacy of Love 3:54
63. Phoenix Family ft Kate Stables and Jesse D Vernon — Where Love’s Rivers Meet 5:00
64. The Moonflowers — Walk Slowly Towards Love 5:08

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I just got the news that Naoki Iijima aka. Naoki DSZ E-jima, owner of Shimokitazawa’s Disc Shop Zero passed away about two weeks ago… and I felt that, even if I got the news late, I just have to pay tribute to this amazing guy and share some memories. He opened his shop back in 1993, moved it to its current location in Shimokitazawa in 2002 and DSZ became known not just locally, but also internationally as a goldmine for anything Bristol bass music and everything dub or dubstep related. Beside handling UK and global releases, Naoki was also a huge supporter of the local scene: he launched a label and party series called BS0 with some of his friends, he wrote several articles and he was a central figure of Japan’s bass music scene. I’ve been following Japan’s dubstep scene from the beginning and I quickly learned that if there was any new release from the local producers on tiny private local labels, DSZ’s webshop was the one and only place that certainly had them in stock. After ordering some of these otherwise impossible to get, extremely limited CD and CDr releases (often bundled with DSZ exclusive bonus discs) through his online store I eventually visited the shop and met Naoki when I went to Tokyo in 2016.

The map came really handy as Disc Shop Zero was in a small street, up in the 2nd store of a building and the shop itself was not big either… but it was literally crammed with rare vinyl and CD releases. At first glance the shop was a delightfully chaotic maze of endless rows of records, but Naoki was happy to help if you couldn’t find what you were looking for. At that time there were two brand new releases from local dubstep producers on my shopping list and I was not disappointed: he had both of them. One was in the new arrivals bin, while the other was so fresh, it wasn’t even out on the shelves, so he gave me a copy straight out of the box it arrived in. We talked a bit about the local scene, the up-and-coming producers, the releases I ordered from him over the years and Naoki, who was sitting behind his counter (also packed with huge stacks of CDs and vinyls) turned out to be and extremely nice guy, the kind that you could just visit any time to chat and hang around. When I asked if he might have some Japanese dub or dubstep releases that I do not have, he paused for a moment, then went to the shelves behind him and returned with volume 4 of the Blue Flame Dub compilation, which turned out to be an amazing album and I am forever grateful for him for introducing to me to that excellent series.

I went to a lot of record shops during my stay in Tokyo, but none left such a deep impression in me as DSZ and it was in huge part thanks to Naoki’s amazing knowledge and personality. He was one of those true enthusiast, who devoted his life to spread his knowledge and love of music. And DSZ was more than just a shop, it was a true home for everyone who loved dub, dubstep and bass music, while Naoki himself was not just a shop owner, he was more like a father figure for many younger DJs, producers and music fans. We truly lost one of the great ones.

He died on the 11th of February following his battle with cancer at the age of 48, leaving a wife and two daughters behind. But his story did not end here: some of his friends decided to re-open the shop for a limited time and starting from the 1st of March, up till the end of April, DSZ will be open again every Monday and Tuesday from 17:00 till 19:00 and on weekends from 14:00 till 21:00. So, if you are in Tokyo, be sure to visit the shop to pay tribute to a great guy that we lost and pick up some good records while you are there (shop map @ DSZ website). Also, Dommune will air a memorial show for Naoki including many old friends (info here), while UK’s Exit Records released several exclusive tracks digitally that were previously only available as dubplates to help the family with the proceeds. You can get this amazing release, that includes music from Goth-Trad and many others here. There is also another compilation at works and the FB page, Raising Funds For Naoki DSZ, that was originally launched to help Naoki to pay hospital bills when he announced in January that he has to close DSZ indefinitely due to his illness now serves as a collection of tributes and memories.

(Japanese Version)
東京の名レコード店Disc Shop Zeroの店長であり、レベルミュージッ ク・スペシャリストであり、そしてブリストル・ミュージックのナンバーワン・サポーターだったNaoki ‘DSZ’ E-Jima(飯島直樹)は、2020 年2月12日、短くも辛い闘病ののち、多くの人々に惜しまれながらこの世を去った。その生涯と仕事を通して、Naokiはブリストルと東京の音楽シーンの重心として活躍し、同時に多大なる尊敬を集め、素晴らしい友情を育んできた。この新作コンピレーション『Zero - Bristol × Tokyo 』の目的は、二つの都市が一丸となり、61曲にも及ぶ楽曲によって、この偉大な男に敬意を示すことである。リリースは、彼の誕生日である 2020年3月11日を予定している。

Naokiのブリストル・ミュージックへの情熱は90年代にはじまる。当時、彼は妻のMiwakoとともに音楽ジャーナリストとしても活動してい た。この約30年間、二人はブリストルを頻繁に訪れ、アーティストと交流し、レコード店を巡り、そして何かに取り憑かれたようにローカル・シーンを記録し続けた。二人はハネムーンでさえもブリストルで過ごしたほどだ。

Naokiのレコード店であるDisc Shop Zeroは、ブリストルで生まれた新旧両方のサウンドに特化していて、それと同時に、東京のアーティスト、並びに世界中の多くのインディペンデント・レーベルを支援していた。彼を経由した両都市のレーベルとアーティストたちの繋がりも重要で、多くの力強い結束と友情がそこから生まれた。

近年では、音楽を愛する同志たちと共に、彼はあるムーヴメントを始動させている。「BS0」と銘打たれたそれは、想像上のブリストルの郵便番号を意味し、多くのブリストルのDJとアーティストたちに東京でのパフォーマンスの機会を与え、ツアーを企画し、二つの都市の間に架け橋を築き上げた。Kahn & Neekをフィーチャーした初回のイベント( BS0 1KN)は大成功を収め、後に定期的に開催される「東京のブリストル」のための土台となった。

本コンピレーションのために、世界中から親切にも寄付された楽曲 が集まった。その多くが今作のために制作されたものだ。ブリストルと東京だけではなく、さらに遠く離れたグラスゴーのMungo’s HIFIやウィーンのDubApeたち、さらにその他の地域のアーティストたちも参加している。

A photo of Naoki E-JIMA at the shop counter at his record store Disc Shop Zero.© Mitsuru Nishimura! How a Tokyo record shop owner brought Bristol bass to Japan

Naoki E-JIMA was the man responsible for turning Tokyo onto the sound of Bristol bass. Following his death earlier this year, we look at how his passion for all things Bristol inspired a generation.

As the crow flies, Bristol to Tokyo is a 9,650km journey. Countries, seas, continents and a whole hemisphere separate the two cities. They are, however, twinned by one man's obsession. Few will ever be able to match Naoki E-JIMA's encyclopaedic knowledge of the Bristol sound. In fact, Naoki's passion for the scene bubbling away in the UK's southwest made him something of a household name among the DJs and producers plying their trade there. From filling his own record shop with trip-hop and bass to starting his own Bristol-inspired crew, Naoki loved the city as if it were his own. Sadly, he passed away on February 11 this year, at the age of 48, after a short battle with cancer.

As soon as news broke of his illness, Annie McGann, head of Save Bristol Nightlife, collaborated with local drum 'n' bass legend Rob Smith (of Smith & Mighty fame) on a fundraising compilation of Bristol (and Bristol-inspired) bass. "The default reaction when friends are in trouble is to raise money for them to get through a hard time," McGann explains. "For musicians, it's to put some music out for them. That was the root of it."

Within a week, though, Naoki's health had taken an unexpected turn for the worst. "Initially, we didn't realise how sick Naoki was," says McGann. "So the idea was to be able help the family through a hard time until he could go back and reopen the shop. But, as the days went by, we realised that wasn't going to happen."
Naoki and his wife Miwako first visited Bristol in 1994, when they travelled to see one of his favourite bands, The Moonflowers. "I agreed to host them," frontman Sean O'Neill wrote in tribute. "We had no money. We were a bit embarrassed about what we could offer them – a mattress on the floor of a dining room of someone else's rented house." Naoki, though, wasn't phased. "Naoki and Miwako were so beautiful and funny, they photographed everything, they laughed at everything," O'Neill continued. "It was hard to comprehend their knowledge without ever being to Bristol before; it was like they really got it and it resonated with them."

Five years later, Naoki and Miwako returned: this time, for their honeymoon. Their choice of destination even made the local papers, with the Bristol Evening Post running a feature. "Everybody laughed at us when we went there," Naoki said at the time. A Tokyo address was included at the end of the article, stating that "up-and-coming bands and singers can send demo tapes to them," as "they're still looking for new musical talent from the city [of Bristol] that they can sell in Japan."
By this point, in 1999, Naoki had established his record shop, Disc Shop Zero. Tucked away in Tokyo's trendy Shimokitazawa neighbourhood, it stayed open until 10pm every night of the week, becoming a magnet for young DJs and bassheads lured in by Naoki's uniquely large stash of Bristol vinyl. "No one else has bothered to collect like he did," McGann says. “We haven't even got a collection like his in Bristol. I used to say we should box it all up and bring it back to Bristol and make a museum."

The music policy at the time was centred around Bristol's emerging trip-hop scene. ENA, a Tokyo drum 'n' bass DJ who now runs local bass night Back To Chill, remembers how she first got into the sound. "It was the trip-hop era – Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead. We naturally listened to a lot of music from Bristol," she says. "Naoki was always speaking about Bristol, so I understood there was something special."
Mars89, a Tokyo-based resident DJ on Bristol's Noods Radio, also became obsessed with the scene. "I was just a fan of this kind of music, but I didn't know where it came from," he says. "Many DJs learned about Bristol from Naoki and Disc Shop Zero."
Naoki's compulsion to collect and archive as much of the Bristol scene as he was able to wasn't a new thing for him. DJ Sinta, from Tokyo grime duo Double Clapperz, first met Naoki five years ago and got an insight into Naoki's obsessiveness. "He told me as a child that he collected [action] figures, like Star Wars figures," he says. "By collecting information, he could map out the theme of music."
As the philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin once put it: "For a real collector... ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects." Naoki's collection of dub plates, art, tapes and records from Bristol wasn't just for him alone however; it helped inspire a host of Tokyo DJs, producers and promoters.

Opening his house up to the Bristol DJs and producers he loved so dearly, Naoki brought over the names on the records he was importing to Tokyo. Bristol bass legend Kahn, who's also McGann's son, reminisces about his famous hospitality: "I stayed at his house. He was such a sweet man and very selfless – such a gentle and kind man." Naoki helped Kahn and his partner-in-dub, Neek, tour Japan, squeezing him into his home and showing them around Tokyo. "I could really tell how important a figure he was in Tokyo, for bringing people over – he was such an integral part of the scene over there." Future trips to Bristol were short and required plenty of saving up first, but Naoki kept on evangelising about the Bristol sound and eventually, in 2015, gave Bristol its first-ever Tokyo postcode.

Naoki's BS0 crew and club night named themselves after a fiction Bristol postcode and featured three other Tokyo DJs: 1TA, owner of Riddim Chango Records, and local promoters DJ Dx and Osam Green Giant. Over the years they invited important Bristol names to play at the Star Lounge, including Young Echo and Addison Groove. Along with Back To Chill, BS0 brought a new sound to the streets of Tokyo. The guys behind Newdubhall, an experimental dub label setup in 2017, underline the legacy that Naoki left behind: "He spread a fascination with Bristol music throughout the country, making Bristol music familiar to many Japanese people." Although BS0 went on a short hiatus in 2018, they came back strong in 2019, starting a new online base for bass: BS0 Radio. Naoki said at the time, "I like how raw and live it is, so we were really considerate of the day and time to air. We thought about when people would go home and when would be a good time before turning in and, finally, we ended up airing at 10.30pm."

BS0's station may have been 9,650km away from BS1, playing nocturnal bangers while Bristolians were enjoying their lunch, but the crew's reverence for the city, its loyalty to its lo-fidelity sound, put it firmly on the map. It's one of the reasons why so many Bristol artists came together to support Naoki when he fell ill earlier this year. Although the collaboration was initially setup to help fundraise for hospital fees, the money is now going to support his surviving family. Titled Bristol X Tokyo, it's a bumper, 64-tack compilation featuring the much sought-after 16mm by Kahn & Neek, a hazy, dub-wise track by the hugely influential Bristolian duo Smith & Mighty, two midnight steppers from Japan's Karnage and a woozy, shoegazing finale from the band responsible for Naoki's first Bristol visit: The Moonflowers.

The compilation is a way for artists in Bristol, Tokyo and beyond to celebrate the impact Naoki had – and also acknowledge the loss of such a great man. "Someone from the BS0 crew was in London when I played the other week," says Kahn. "He was in tears, it was quite intense. It hit him really hard. He wasn't related to him, but Naoki was such an important person to him, it really hit home."
Mars89, recorded a special mix for N00ds in tribute to him. "The last 50 minutes was a live recording of his set at our party, BS0xtra at Contact Tokyo. I remembered him standing in the DJ booth." Rob Smith, who started the fundraiser alongside McGann after many years of collaborating with Naoki, travelled to Tokyo for the funeral. - "Unfortunately, we won’t ever find another figure like Naoki," Newdubhall says. "At the same time, though, we have several Bristolian artists who we keep in touch with and there are many other artists and labels like us throughout Japan. If we keep connected and make the bond stronger by making music and organising events and gigs, that scene will continue and Naoki's legacy will stay alive."
BS0 may have lost their ringleader – the man who first brought the Bristol sound to Tokyo – but the story isn't over. After turning an obsession into an occupation, Noaki E-JIMA has brought the two cities together forever.

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