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Style Dubstep
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Date 25/07/2011
Label Never Say Die Records
Cat NSDX012

• 501 - Black And Blue 6:15
• 501 - Timeout 5:23
• 501 - 8 Bit Dreamer 6:11
• 501 - Escaping Monday 4:41
• 501 - VM3000 4:40
• 501 - Unknown Enemy 5:30

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501 a.k.a Jussi Leväsalmi, is a producer of electronic music hailing from Finland. After a brief hiatus 501 has now found an outlet for his incredible music and joined the growing stable of artists at Never Say Die. The melodic content of his tracks; was founded by playing and writing music for various bands over the years which has left its mark in 501s sound, a sound which has even seen the number one rapper in the world, Snoop Dogg himself praise 501 for his beats, streetwise rhythms and raw low end blended into bassline driven controlled mayhem. As well as being hailed by Snoop Dogg for his beats, 501 is receiving world wise support for his music amongst his fellow artists including, Mary Anne Hoobs, N-Type, Headhunter, Chase and Status, Nero, Youngsta to name a few and tracks played across every major dubstep show including Rinse FM and BBC 1. His debut ep Never Say Die is a body of work that perfectly captures the versatility and musicality of one of dance music's unsung heroes. From the Anthemic riffs of 'Black & Blue' and 'Escaping Monday' to the twisted funk of 'Vm3000' and 'Timeout' 501 is set to make a lot of noise this year.

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