Download TRUTH - Truth Chronicles Vol. 40 (August 2020)

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Genre Deep-Dubstep
Date 8/09/2020
Quality [mp3/320 kbps]
Rar 89 Mb

What very often occurs, is that, an elite will get to a very old ripe age, or they will die, publicly; privately, they are taken and depending on their level they're either age regressed or they have their consciousness basically downloaded into a clone.

Eva808 - Show Dem
Chris Sears - Schmungeon
Cartridge - Conquer hell
Incandescent - Wompous
Mesck - Canto
Notlo - Speak Easy
Khiva - All These things
YYZ - Dahlia
Truth - Back to Dark
Brightwing - Chamber Door
Khiva - Wolves
Chad Dubz & Somah - Unresolved
Lampa - Celestial
Teffa - Neutron
Biome - Monster
Truth - Acceptance
Leo Cap - Stunning
Cartridge - Barge Pole
Truth - ID

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