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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Dubstep » Stinkahbell - Running Amuck EP

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Style: Riddim, Dubstep, Deep Dubstep
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Year: 7/12/2020
Label: Monsters Music
Cat: MM023

Next up from the Monsters Music team, we witness a pretty monumental drop from Stinkahbell, who unveils a seven track selection, exploring the more tearout side of the steppers sound. We begin with the lethal bass melodies and catchy vocal lines of 'Running Amuck', before the super squelchy synth twistups of 'Fully Loaded' and lethal bass triplet smashes of 'Daddy Issues' work their way into play. The EP then takes a more stripped back direction as sizzling sub-heavy basslines are deployed on 'Manifesto', before the notable pitch shifting melodies of 'Capricious' and heavy snare smashes of 'WTFITR' send us back up the frequency spectrum. Finally, 'Carbon Monoxide' gives us a very unusual note to end upon, combining electronic vocal melodies with an unpredictable synth slap, rounding off a very powerful body of work!

7 / 31:20
Stinkahbell - Running Amuck 3:37
Stinkahbell - Fully Loaded 4:18
Stinkahbell - Daddy Issues 5:06
Stinkahbell - Manifesto 4:23
Stinkahbell - Capricious 5:07
Stinkahbell - WTFITR 4:40
Stinkahbell - Carbon Monoxide 4:13


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