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Vote for your favourite dubstep records, producers, labels and more. The “Dubstep Awards 2020″ should be considered best as a summary and celebration of the past year rather than a competition. Together with the expertise of our partners, we carefully selected nominees in 12 different categories, featuring content from the beginning of December 2019 up to the end of November 2020. The selection process and the entire Dubstep Awards are organised with total integrity and initiated by nothing but love for the 140 scene.

This year we are presenting the official dubstep awards for a 4th time. We believe this is an amusing way to let fans rediscover the year, while this initiative allows us as a promotional platform to introduce the authentic dubstep sound to a broader audience. In the end it is such exposure which keeps things moving forward. Although, the most important is the community aspect: giving people recognition for their hard work and contribution to the genre.

Voting started on the 13th and closed on the 23rd of December. A total of 40 360 individual votes have been registered. Hope you have enjoyed our online event and we see you next year!

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  • The Prodigy — Nasty [Remixes EP] (2015)
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  • VA - Rushdown: Colour Bass Vol. 2
  • TRUTH - Druids EP [WAK100]
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  • ETCH - Trax From the Void Vol. 1
  • Distinct Motive - Hamburg / Haste EP
  • Tik&Borrow - Erebus & Terror [INFLUX068]
  • G-Rex - Hallows EP (WAK124)
  • VA - DEEP DUB INSIDE 2019 LP [DTR032]
  • Dunk & Black Opps - Rolling Golden / Sound of A Dub [SNB073]
  • Erotic Cafe' - Axis Mundi [KIN037]
  • Aquiver - Conexion Divina EP
  • Cartridge - Cashmere EP 2019
  • Dedman - Jackals / Morsel EP
  • VA - Free Dubstep Volume 1 [INFREE017]
  • Erotic Cafe' - Disko VIPs EP

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