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Music Dubstep
Release 26/03/2016
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Independent

Acting Damage — Capacitor 4:41
Acting Damage — Flinch 5:39
Acting Damage — Curse of The Witches 4:36
Acting Damage — Roswell 4:27
Acting Damage — Bag Of Bones 4:41
Acting Damage — Overload 4:41
Acting Damage — The Old Ones 4:48
Acting Damage — Shrapnel 4:19


Haunted EP is a free collection of tracks I've written over the past few months. It features a fairly wide breadth of sound, from my more dissonant tracks such as Roswell to more melodic bits such as Flinch. I hope that you all can enjoy hearing the complete versions of these tracks!

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