Download Minor Rain - Waterdrops / Desert Road 2012 [EP]

Minor Rain - Waterdrops / Desert Road 2012 [EP]

Style: Dubstep
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 24/01/2012
Label: Machinecore
Cat: LOODMA0015

Minor Rain - Waterdrops [6:23]
Minor Rain - Desert Road [6:17]


Turbo | Nitro

Kicking off with the sound of falling raindrops into a puddle, this release from Minor Rain on Loodma is all chilling atmospherics, melodic melancholia and stripped back beauty. "Waterdrops" blends sweeping atmospherics with heartbeat beats, murmuring bass and cooing instrumentals with great panache. "Desert Road", on the other hand, invokes much more urgency with the cinematic intro, insistent bleeping and throbbing b-line pressure. Sax sections add another layer to the track, which is full of withheld tension - rippling melodies, hissing hi hats and swelling instrumentals all hint at this. A triumph - make sure you listen to this.

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