Download AGO - Backlash (EP) 2016

Style: Deep Dubstep | Dubstep
Release date: 28-12-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Subaltern
Cat: SUBALT011

• Ago — Backlash 4:10
• Ago — Opium Riddim 4:47
• Ago — Trust Inc. 4:19


Ago's been delivering some seriously deep and mystical dubstep vibes as of late, never shy to drop in some killer bass, though, so be warned. "Backlash" is a perfect example of that, a slow and calibrated tune, on first appearance, that unleashes a noxious level of low frequencies after its first drop, and if it wasn't for the stepping, rhythmical groove of "Trust Inc", we would also put it in that category. "Opium Riddim", on the other hand, is murky, swamped-out and subdued by a warm coating of subbass, a layer of sound that contains the sporadic percussion in place. Recommended!

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