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Oolacile - 1001tracklists DJ Mix

Style: Dubstep, Riddim
Release: 18.01.2017
Quality: mp3:320 kbps
Zip: 131 Mb

Coming off his Humanity EP and recent exclusive signing to Disciple Recordings, Oolacile crafted a 55 track packed, hard and heavy 1001Tracklists mix! Enjoy the mix and his in depth interview taking a closer look into his mixing, production process, and 2017 plans.

1. Oolacile, Ravachol & Horge — Spells
2. Oolacile & Code:Pandorum — Pity
3. Ivory — Kung Fool
4. Samplifire & Badphaze — Blood Shed
5. Subfiltronik vs. The Automatiks — Monsters Theme (Da Force VIP)
6. MurDa & Samplifire — Swoog
7. Phiso — Blue Screen (Aweminus remix)
8. Oolacile — Otog
9. Nacha — Citizen VIP
10. Getter — Mishap (MONXX remix)
11. Infekt — Champion (MurDa remix)
12. Sudden Death — Oblivion
13. Oolacile — Drunk
14. Jam PRD — Planet Earth VIP
15. Infekt — Projectile (MurDa Edit)
16. Oolacile & Samplifire — ID
17. Ecto — Tabarnak
18. TOOG — Riddim March
19. MurDa & Fugitives — Kingz
20. Oolacile — Oracle
21. AOWL — Brain Damage
22. Subfiltronik — Blockz (Phiso remix) (Samplifire VIP)
23. Figure — The Exorcist (Oolacile remix)
24. Trampa — Runners
25. Subtronics — Big Game Hunter
26. um.. — u kno? (Oolacile remix)
27. Oolacile — Bell Of Awakening
28. Midnight Tyrannosaurus — Rat Jazz
29. Oolacile — Expansion
30. Oolacile — Crooked
31. Oolacile — Miserable
32. Oolacile — Seeker
33. Deemed — Tony Montana
34. MONXX & MurDa — WONXX
35. Flix, Cromatik & Codd Dubz — Final State
36. Oolacile — Turing Test
37. Digitist — Hex Drone (Oolacile remix)
38. Oolacile — Kuratas
39. Haunta — Calling All
40. AOWL — Twisted
41. Oolacile — Mesmerize
42. Al Ross & Yakz — Love Dump
43. Flix, Madcore & Mutant — Rage Quit
44. Oolacile & Cromatik — Signal
45. Virtual Riot & 12th Planet — Leave It Behind (Oolacile remix)
46. Oolacile — Human Experience
47. Cromatik — Gamma Ray
48. DJ Fresh — Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion remix)
49. Oolacile — ID
50. Jura — Simon The Digger
51. Subfiltronik — Blockz (Ecto Edit)
52. Midnight Tyrannosaurus — Mudmen
53. Badphaze — Yasout
54. Geotrix — Black Raptor
55. AOWL — Terror
56. Phiso — Wasteland

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How did you approach your 1001tracklists Mix? How does it compare to your live sets?
This particular mix I did a bit differently than my previous mixes for SMOG and Disciple. I don’t have any DJ equipment at home, so in the past I have either done the mixes with my mouse and keyboard on Traktor, or within Ableton. However, with this mix I recorded it at a friend’s who has 3 CDJ-900s and a DJM 1000. Since I did this mix on CDJs and in one take, it’s very similar to one of my live DJ sets. For this particular mix I focused a lot on doing a lot of double drops and chopping as well as showcasing new tunes of mine and other producers I have been enjoying a lot of recently.

Can you highlight three tracks or artists in your mix and what makes them stand out?
There are a bunch of unreleased tunes in this mix and one or two that have never been heard before. MurDa & Samplifire’s track “SWOOG” has to be my favorite track of 2016 and it’s been a staple in my sets ever since it came out. I’d also like to mention Aowl, as I find myself playing out more and more of his tracks in my sets. He has a really good riddim flow while still being able to keep the track interesting and his sound design and mixdowns are always improving.

What was your recent b2b live set with Midnight Tyrannosaurus like? Do you think that’s something you guys will do again in the future?
The b2b with Midnight was incredible. I was booked for a show in Orlando, Florida and when I arrived I asked Midnight if he wanted to go b2b with me for half the set. Midnight and I played in a tiny room that we had squeezed way over capacity. The crowd had an incredible energy and Midnight and I were vibing off of each other’s mixing big time! We found ourselves pushing each other to try new mixing techniques we had never done before like four track chopping. Midnight Tyrannosaurus and I had planned to do a full on hour and a half b2b in the past, but we never got around to doing it. We have a pretty crazy concept in mind for our full b2b and we plan on making it happen at some point this year.

Last month, you released the Humanity EP. Can you talk about the production process behind two tracks from the EP? How did you go from the initial sketch to the final productions that we hear today?
The writing process for all of my tracks is rather complex. Very rarely do I have a set idea of what I want the tune to sound like when I start writing. There is a lot of back and forth when I am writing music. A lot of it comes from designing new sounds. Once I come up with a sound that finally clicks with me it inspires me to write some patterns. Once I get stuck on writing patterns I’ll come up with a new sound and that will inspire me to write more patterns until eventually I have the main part of the drop done. There is a lot more that goes into the process, but that’s the main gist of it. The way the Humanity EP came about was when I stumbled across a way of making these glitchy computer telephone type sounds. These sounds really inspired me and that’s kind of how the Humanity EP began.

What does being a part of Disciple Recordings mean to you? What do you think sets the label apart?
Being a part of Disciple is a huge honor for me. I’ve always considered them to be one of if not the best bass music label around. For them to approach me was a huge surprise and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Disciple family. Disciple has been home to some of the biggest names in dubstep and has done a great job in helping them grow. Artists like Dodge and Fuski, Virtual Riot, Dubloadz, Barely Alive and many more. I think what sets Disciple apart from the rest of the labels in this genre is the sheer quality of music they put out and also the level of professionalism that comes to the releases. Disciple does a great job of setting up deadlines and promoting each release.

Can you talk about some of your upcoming productions and some of your other plans for 2017?
I have another Dubstep EP in the works coming out rather soon. I have a few tracks I’ve been sitting on for a while too as I’ve been producing more riddim style tracks. I’ve been producing a lot more of this style recently because I’ve been hearing people like MurDa and Aowl produce it at such a high level that it’s inspiring to me to do the same. But the main reason I’ve been leaning towards this style is that I want to have some more of my own music I can double drop and chop with when I play live and the amount of originals I have that I do that with right now is slim. I also have a few collabs that people have been waiting on that I plan on putting out in the next few months and I’ll also be starting on a few new collabs with some artists most people wouldn’t expect to see me working with.

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