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Download The Dream Team - The Joker Project Vol 2 [Aracane Asylum] mp3

Style: Drum 'n Bass, Jungle
Quality: MP3 320 kbps | FLAC Lossless
Release date: 16/12/2016
Label: Joker Records / ASBO
Cat: JOAEP03

Now this is how you bring everyone up to speed: Bizzy B and Pugwash's Dream Team return with a roll deep attitude. Saxxon, Bladerunner, Voltage, DJ Hybrid, Gold Dubs and many more muck in to bring the mid-90s Joker-released rollers a touch of turbo for the 2010s. The punch drunk Augustus Pablo-pushing "Walk & Skank", the savage bars of "Public Enemy", the unrefusable offer of "The God Father", the mystical ragga flex of "The Warriors".... It's all there, it's all serious jungle, it's going to floor your crowd. This is important.

01. Public Enemy (Saxxon Remix)
02. The Roller (Gold Dubs & DJ Hybrid Remix)
03. Coast To Coast (Diamond Geezer Remix)
04. Walk & Skank (Unreleased '96 Version)
05. Sweetie (Voltage & Malachai Remix)
06. Silver Fox (Papa G & Rassterlin Remix)
07. Menace (Cloak Remix)
08. The God Father (Unreleased '96 Version)
09. Stamina (Bladerunner Remix VIP)
10. Warriors (Stivs & Katch Pyro Remix)
11. Lighter (DJ Westy Remix)
12. Latino (Unreleased '96 Version)

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