Download WBBL - Freshly Washed Bits

WBBL - Freshly Washed Bits

Genre Funky breaks, Ghetto funk, Glitch funk, Midtempo, Breakbeat, Glitch hop
Released 3/07/2020
Quality mp3/320 kbps +[wav/lossless]
Label Independent
Type Album
This album is a collection of tunes that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while. They either got played once in a set and forgetten about or just never got released. So i've gone through them all and given them a little extra wbbly beef. So I present to you my freshly washed bits.

1.WBBL — You Got It 03:52
2.WBBL — Blow Ya Lid 03:53
3.WBBL — Daaang 05:14
4.WBBL — Shakedown 03:40
5.WBBL — Keep It Reel 03:24
6.WBBL — Preacherman 02:45
7.WBBL — Conversation 02:27
8.WBBL — 24k 03:41
9.WBBL — Too Hot VIP 04:07
10.WBBL — Talkin' Linguistics VIP 04:00

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