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Style: Drum and Bass, Darkstep, Dubstep, IDM, Industrial, Breakcore
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Date: 30/04/2020
Label: Murder Channel
Cat: MURDG-020

Мэдс Линдгрэн, кудесник темной атмосферы и массивного звука, сотворил новые мрачные и гипнотические истории, насыщенные тяжеловесным грувом и сумеречными, потусторонними деталями.

10 / 50:59
• Monolog - Clutches of disaster 4:18
• Monolog - Inevitable 5:02
• Monolog - Hook Echo 4:10
• Monolog - Interloper 3:36
• Monolog - Edges 3:56
• Monolog - 4 minutes forever 3:39
• Monolog - Hook Echo (Enduser remix) 6:36
• Monolog - Inevitable (Ankubu remix) 5:16
• Monolog - Clutches of disaster (Karsten Pflum remix) 5:13
• Monolog - Monolog Live at SET in London 2019 for Towards Collapse 9:13

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Danish artist mads lindgren aka monolog is a traveller in sound both figuratively and across the European continent, working intensely in the studio and on stage and taking care of various jobs in the audio industry. The musical activities started as a guitar player in various metal bands in the 90’s, but with distinct reference to the jazz guitar he grew up with. this combination resulted in an aggressive sound with complex harmonic structures, continuing into experiments in modern jazz with the vestbirk noiz ensemble playing kitchen utensils, power drills, ping pong balls and Akai samplers.

In 1999 he gave birth to monolog, a solo project coloured by the sound of his prior sonic endeavours, but adding an distinct experimental angle to his music production. At the same time gaining experience as a drum’n’bass dj he drew references to this in his musical scapes and structures through a series of clashes with extreme noise, idm, metal and jazz.
Later he moved to berlin where he still resides, performing numerous live shows both in Berlin and as far away as China, Russia and most of the European continent.

Mads lindgren’s monolog project is constantly changing, aiming for extremities and seeking them musically, technically and emotionally. whether it is hammering the drums or creating soothing harmonies, these musical poles are given life by intense binding of contrasts. Recent albums can be summed up as steps towards a harder, more dense and direct form that is new and yet unheard to the monolog alias. a staggering combination of ferocious intensity and atmospheric moments built on a flashing kaleidoscope of sonic facets between slow, steamrolling dub attacks and razor sharp drum’n’bass blasts. Signified by being brilliantly produced and carefully composed offering dense overwhelming walls of forging beats, thundering bass drones, majestic keyboard lines and well-integrated samples.

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