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Terror Danjah - The Dark Crawler

Style: Grime
Quality: FLAC
Release date: 24/09/2012
Label: Hyperdub
Cat: HDBCD016

01. Dark Crawler (Intro)
02. Mirrors Edge (feat. Lex NV)
03. Dark Gremlinz (feat. D.O.K.)
04. Air Max 90 (feat. Champion)
05. Dark Crawler (feat. Riko Dan)
06. Full Hundred
07. Rum Punch
08. Dark Crawler interlude (feat. Mayhem, Deadly & Saf One)
09. You Make Me Feel (feat. Meleka)
10. Baby Oil
11. Dark Crawler interlude (feat. Trim & Kozzie)
12. Delicately (feat. Ruby Lee Ryder)
13. Moschino
14. Dark Crawler (Outro)

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