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Download T.R.A.C. - Life in Remixes mp3

Style: Drum & Bass
Quality: MP3 320 | FLAC
Date: 22/01/2021
Label: V Recordings
Cat: PLV130DD

01. T.R.A.C. feat. Raw Q - Glimmer Of Light (Raw Q Remix)
02. T.R.A.C. feat. Atlantic Connection - The Making Of (Need For Mirrors Remix)
03. T.R.A.C. feat. Submorphics - Life in Motion (Carlito & Addiction Remix)
04. T.R.A.C. feat. Unreal - Roarganic Symphony (L-Side Soul Mix)
05. T.R.A.C. feat. Level 2 & Christina Tamayo - Invisible Sounds (Random Movement Remix)
06. T.R.A.C. feat. Anthony Kasper & MC Astro - Welcome to the Stateside (Maverick Soul Remix)
07. T.R.A.C. feat. L-Side - Bad Bonus (Paul T & Edward Oberon Remix)
08. T.R.A.C. feat. Serum - Late Night Connection (Benny L Remix)
09. T.R.A.C. feat. Bladerunner & David Boomah - Roots for Culture (Saxxon Remix)
10. T.R.A.C. feat. Command Strange - Take the Reigns (Command Strange Remix)
11. T.R.A.C. feat. Marc Mac & DJ IQ - The Avenue (Danny Wheeler Remix)
12. T.R.A.C. feat. Random Movement & Adrienne Richards - Step Tune (Blame Remix)
13. T.R.A.C. feat. Paul SG & MC Conrad - Pursuit (Artificial Intelligence Remix)

FLAC: Rapid | MP3: Turbo

One of the US's finest D&B-minded MCs, NYC's T.R.A.C is a genuinely unique mic-man. Armed with the perfect balance of a rap style and a junglist flow, he understands the craft and has smashed it over the years with most of V's talented roster. Now comes his debut album and it's a work of art. Featuring the likes of Calibre, Submorphics, Lenzman, Random Movement, Serum and even CoOp dons Mark Mac and Daz-I-Cue, it's back to back vibes with an energy and spread as hyped as its rollcall. Highlights include the jazzy hip-hop bruk of "The Avenue", the Detroitian light-footed jazz-steps "Late Night Connection" and the smoked-out brushed drum breaks and lonely pianos and sudden soulful flashes of "The Making Of" but that's really the tip of the iceberg - this is a massive project.

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