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Download Lynx - Devil's In The Detail mp3

Style: Drum 'n Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo
Quality MP3 320 kbps | FLAC Lossless
Date: 14/11/2011
Label: Detail Recordings

01. Without Warning (feat. Hellrazor)
02. Burn (feat. Kemo, K Whitmarsh & Seed)
03. Time Machine (feat. Hellrazor)
04. 9 Muses (feat. Sense MC)
05. Back To The Jungle (feat. Hellrazor & Kemo)
06. Revolutions (feat. Fats & Seed)
07. Jetlag (feat. DRS Marcus Intalex)
08. Blip Blop (feat. Hellrazor)
09. First Winter (feat. Hellrazor & Suree)
10. All For You (feat. Deeizm & Fats)
11. Playskool
12. Somethings Never Change (feat. Hellrazor)
13. Who's This? (feat. Noisia & Seed)
14. Open Close Lock (feat. Ciah)

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