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DJ Marky - My Heroes LP [INN070D]

Genre Drum&Bass, Liquid-funk
Released 15/06/2015
Quality mp3/320 kbps +[lossless/flac]
Label Innerground
Cat INN070D
Type Album
DJ Marky. My Heroes LP - концентрированный экстракт мелодичного и по-настоящему летнего звучания в dnb & liquidfunk.
For all his dancefloor destroying singles and party-starting anthems, Brazilian D&B legend DJ Marky hasn't much pedigree when it comes to the album format. In fact, My Heroes is his debut solo full-length, and his first album of any sort since XRS collaboration In Rotation way back in 2004. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that My Heroes has a celebratory feel throughout, with Marky delivering a range of melodious, soulful, carnival-friendly rollers and spiralling, anthem-like cuts (see recent single "Silly"). These are interspersed with a number of surprising diversions, including two memorable trips into soulful house territory ("Around You", the samba-flecked "Freedom"), and the synth-boogie influenced goodness of "Bella Drix".

16 / 1:30:52
DJ Marky — Bolkwush (Original Mix) 5:00
DJ Marky, makoto — Roundabout (Original Mix) 4:58
DJ Marky — Get It Up (Original Mix) 4:36
DJ Marky — Around You (Original Mix) 6:58
DJ Marky — Silly (Original Mix) 6:03
DJ Marky, Jay Love, makoto — Freedom (Original Mix) 4:40
DJ Marky — Frenesi (Original Mix) 5:24
Adrienne Richards, DJ Marky, Random Movement — Getaway (Original Mix) 6:03
Collette Warren, DJ Marky — Be With You (Original Mix) 4:53
DJ Marky — Medusa (Original Mix) 6:05
DJ Marky — Your Love Is... (Original Mix) 5:28
A-Sides, DJ Marky, Singing Fats — Feelin' Fine (Original Mix) 5:01
DJ Marky, DJ MS2 — Crystal Illusion Feat. DJ MS2 (Original Mix) 5:18
DJ Marky — Bella Drix (Original Mix) 8:20
DJ Marky — Those Moments (Original Mix) 5:01
DJ Marky — Freedom (Instrumental) 7:04

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