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Download Aphexia - Interdependence mp3

Style Psy-Breaks, Dubstep, Experimental, Psy-Glitch, IDM, Trip-hop
Released 18/04/2021
Quality MP3 320 kbps | FLAC Lossless
Label Independent

tracks 13 / 47:41
⦁ Aphexia — Interdependence 1:48
⦁ Aphexia — Dialectic of Vulnerability 4:44
⦁ Aphexia — Control 4:55
⦁ Aphexia — Grievable Lives 2:26
⦁ Aphexia — Two Blind Eyes Shopping for Souls 4:29
⦁ Aphexia — Subversion of Identity 4:31
⦁ Aphexia — Requesting to Be Corrupted Once More 0:42
⦁ Aphexia — Subordination 4:02
⦁ Aphexia — Reference Two 3:55
⦁ Aphexia — False Dichotomy 7:10
⦁ Aphexia — Finding Myself Silenced by Your Gaze 0:47
⦁ Aphexia — Hegemony Within 4:21
⦁ Aphexia — Blissful Smile 3:58

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Ophelia Sullivan presents APHEXIA's third full album "Interdependence", written and produced within a short timeframe in the spring and summer of 2019.

While APHEXIA's second album "The Gates" portrayed the process from adolescent idealism to a disillusioned awareness of the relativity of human experience, the new album "Interdependence" covers themes of identity, self-conception and social determinism, how the reflection of the perception of others shapes our individuality and how we all suffer under our ineradicable complicity in systemic injustices - collectively and individually, as victims and as abusers.

"Interdependence" is all about the interdependences of desire, will and predisposition. Resistance and the fight against systems we ourselves are such an integral part of. It deals with the internalized ideals of capitalism infiltrating the self-conception of a person deeply opposed to capitalism, internalized ideals around gender and sexuality, ideals around the idea of the artist. It deals with the eternal failure to meet your own demands and what it costs us to be aware of our own inner repressive systems. "Interdependence" tells stories about the entanglements of anxieties and ideals that are constantly redefined by the deep imprints other persons leave on our souls.

Perhaps best described by the term 'Post-Progressive Electronica', APHEXIA's new album is characterized in particular by its genre-subverting diversity of musical styles showcased, not simply next to each other but deeply interwoven and merged to form an absolutely unique new sound. Its stylistic componenents ranging from Electronica and IDM to contemporary bass music to Trip Hop to Post-Rock and jazzy Post-Prog, "Interdependence" is a journey through the creative mind of a person deeply in love with music itself and completely committed to utilizing its power for artistic forms of resistance.

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