Download Minder - Telepathy LP [SNKRDP001]

Minder - Telepathy LP [SNKRDP001]

Style Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, UK Hardcore, Jungle
Release 31/08/2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3 | FLAC:Lossless
Imprint Sneaker Social Club
Format Album united-kingdom

The Sneaker Social Club crew have been doing a fantastic job of showcasing the latest new experimental electronic flavours in recent months. This latest drop sees them move into album mode as Minder delivers an explosive 19 track display of breaks-influenced flavour. We see such a fantastic range of styles with this project despite the fact they all move in from one point of influence, from the murky, almost soundscape-driven arrangements of 'Twenty', to the more classic sounding moog slides of 'Jessie' and almost junglist-sounding drum arrangements of 'Space'. The whole project runs with a seriously organic feel, especially on tracks such as 'Game Maker' & 'Yacht Skank' which combine the more hardcore side of breaks with some smoothened production techniques. Our highlights have to include the dancefloor ready rolls and smooth subs of 'Here 4 U', along with the more experimental melodic bubbles of 'Wasp'. Top work!

tracklist 19 / 1:41:46
Minder — Lips 4:16
Minder — Jessie 5:51
Minder — Wasp 4:05
Minder — Twenty 4:51
Minder — Thirsty 7:26
Minder — Morgue 5:49
Minder — Ealing 6:17
Minder — Game Maker 5:32
Minder — Here 4 U 5:03
Minder — Jez 5:46
Minder — Space 6:51
Minder — The Prof 4:13
Minder — Pro Pearls 4:26
Minder — Rose 5:12
Minder — Stamp Duty 2:13
Minder — Three Six Zero 4:26
Minder — Windfarm 7:11
Minder — Yacht Skank 6:02
Minder — Anemic 6:24

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After a long run of wax, Sneaker Social Club turns its attention to tape with the debut release from Minder. Tapping into the long-standing tradition of rave tape packs, this double drop of C45s takes in 19 tracks across two cassettes loaded with sureshot rollers, ragged ragers and all manner of side-stepping swerves that mark Minder out as a dedicated disciple for the tradition of UK hardcore and its many descendant styles.

Given the nature of tape releases, the ideas flow thick and fast on Telepathy, and there are plenty of references for the trainspotters to pick out too. Amidst the clattering breaks and rowdy bass, you might hear an iconic sample repurposed in tribute to the pioneers of the culture. But this is no historical exercise – Minder works as much of their own identity into the music, whether in the form of unique bass tones, mutant sound design or strangely submerged, deep-tunneling arrangements. It’s a collection stitched together to soundtrack moody late night drives as much as gnarly raves in illicit locations. It’s a rough tapestry littered with MCs toasting over maximal bricolage, capturing the messy magnificence of nascent UK hardcore as played out by the likes of Tango & Ratty, Top Buzz et al.
If you ever felt the subs quaking the chassis of a hotboxed car barreling through provincial streets and back roads, or lost hours of your life to medium wave trips through pirate radio, you’ll know exactly where you’re at with Telepathy. If not, the first impression might just blow your mind.

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