Download London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds LP [NHS444]

London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds LP [NHS444]

Style Drum and Bass, Liquid funk, Vocal-Dnb
Release 29/10/2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3 | FLAC
Imprint Hospital Records
Nr# NHS444DD
Format Album

Following its CD and digital download release last autumn, London Elektricity's fine new album - Tony Colman's eighth studio set - finally gets a vinyl release. For the uninitiated, "Building Better Worlds" builds (sorry) on the "big band" concept Colman unveiled at Hospitality In The Park in 2017, offering soaring, orchestrated tracks that take drum & bass to musically expansive new heights. There's barely a drum machine or sample in sight, while what electronic sounds that have been included are used sparingly. The results are undeniably impressive, with the assembled collective's warm and soulful tracks providing enjoyable listening throughout. It might raise a few eyebrows amongst jungle purists, but ignore the haters: this is a very fine album indeed.

• London Elektricity, Emer Dineen — Build A Better World (Hugh Hardie Remix) 4:53
• London Elektricity — The Prescription Is Love (CLIQUES. Remix) 4:54
• London Elektricity, Inja & The Secretary-General — Time To Think (Think Tonk Remix) 4:12
• London Elektricity, Cydnei B. — Final View From The Rooftops (Justin Hawkes Remix) 6:18
• London Elektricity, Elsa Esmeralda — Lonely Sirens (London Elektricity VIP) 4:56
• London Elektricity — Funkopolis (Mozey Remix) 4:32
• London Elektricity, Bulgarian Goddess — She Slowly Caught Fire (Winslow Remix) 5:39
• London Elektricity, Urbandawn — I Wish You Could See It Too (Lilac Remix) 5:06
• London Elektricity — Kubrick's View (Degs & MURIUKI Remix) 4:38
• London Elektricity — Never Trust A Hippy (Logistics Remix) 4:52
• London Elektricity, Inja — Possible Worlds (Digital Native Remix) 5:00
• London Elektricity, Whiney — Empty Seat At The Table (Whiney VIP) 4:14
• London Elektricity, Bulgarian Goddess — Don't Give Up Now (Villem Remix) 5:45
• London Elektricity — Well That's A Switch (Polaris Remix) 5:00
• London Elektricity — Funkopolis (Seba Remix) 5:17
15 / 1:15:10

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— Updating the creative spirit of his widely acclaimed 2019 album ‘Building Better Worlds’, London Elektricity revisits his most recent project to date with a specially crafted and hand-picked remix album - ‘Rebuilding Better Worlds’. Featuring an exciting array of artists covering the full drum & bass spectrum, London Elektricity’s latest body of work features remixes from the likes of Cliques, Think Tonk, Logistics, Hugh Hardie, Whiney, Winslow, Seba, Degs & MURIUKI, Mozey & more…
— Kickstarting the album with a delicate, soul-drenched liquid drum & bass soother is Hugh Hardie with his remix of original album influencer ‘Build A Better World (feat. Emer Dineen)’. Delving deeper into London Elek’s unique style and Emer’s synesthesic vocals, Hugh crafts heart-wrenching piano melodies and gorgeous rolling breakbeats injecting his signature flavours into the track.
— With no clear indication of their true identity, the latest mystery to sweep across the world of drum & bass CLIQUES step up for an addictively feel-good remix of ‘The Prescription Is Love’. With a handful of releases on their own ‘Cliques Collective Audio’, the faceless artist(s) have already taken the scene by storm and their latest remix proves exactly why. Featuring a full live band, expect elevating brass outbursts, Philadelphia strings and blissful vocals.
London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds LP [NHS444]

Quickly gaining a reputation as one of the funniest characters within drum & bass, don’t be fooled by Mozey’s wit and charm. With a fast-growing catalogue of releases spanning labels including Souped Up, Liquid V, Bingo Bass, Serial Killaz and Hospital Records, Mozey’s bass-heavy remix of ‘Funkopolis’ draws upon the playful nature of the original whilst rolling it out into a fizzling drum & bass bouncer.
— Legendary in-patient Logistics is on remix duties for ‘Never Trust A Hippy’. Incorporating the melodies and soundscapes from the original, Logistics soon flips the track on its head, turning it into a new-wave liquid funk anthem.
— With further contributions from the likes of Think Tonk, Justin Hawkes, Lilac, Digital Native, Villem, Polaris, and a VIP from London Elektricity himself, the carefully curated tracklist brings together a cross-generational and multi-styled selection of artists from across the drum & bass community.

— With the original album receiving support from the likes of Mixmag, Magnetic Mag and UKF, as well as being recorded in the immersive Dolby Atmos audio format, London Elektricity shows no signs of slowing down with his latest project. The longevity of his career can be owed to him being the mastermind behind classic Hospital albums including ‘Pull The Plug’, ‘Syncopated City’, ‘Are We There Yet?’ and ‘Yikes!’ (more recently revisited, remastered and repackaged this year as ‘Crikey!’) and London Elektricity continues to push the boundaries of drum & bass with over a quarter-century in the game.

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